Research Posters

About parallel optimization of one algorithm for solving aerodynamic problems
Roman Romanenko

Builder-like Design Pattern for effective In-Situ Processing
Boris Morose and Alex Margolin

Development of distributed control algorithms for swarm intelligence systems using embodied evolution methods
Alexey Nikolashkin and Nikolay Ershov

Evaluating efficiency of the modified CSR data storage formats when implementing iterative methods for solving systems of equations.
Roman Kupriy and Boris Krasnopolsky

First Results of Performance Evaluation of Geospatial Raster Data Processing Systems
Kirill Bykov and Ramon Antonio Rodriges Zalipynis

GPU boost for ab initio molecular dynamics
Artem A. Eliseev, Nikolai G. Andreadi and Artem A. Mitrofanov

Implementation of parallel computations in the framework of a software system for supporting evolutionary and swarm optimization methods
Alexey Timachev and Nikolay Ershov

Implementation of the FDTD Method with PML Boundary Conditions Using Mixed Precision Computations
Anastasia Arisova, Valentin Volokitin, Evgeny Efimenko and Iosif Meyerov

Job Script Generator for SLURM Workload Manager
Ilya Mikhaylov and Pavel Kostenetskiy

Maximizing the loop tiling ability via static analysis
Aleksei Levchenko

Methods for modeling electron gas in flat diode
Irina Kulikova

Alena Filina, Yulia Belova, Alla Nikitina and Elena Rahimbaeva

Monte Carlo simulations of the two-point correlation functions in the six-vertex lattice model
Pavel Belov

Numerical evaluation of polarization scattering matrices for fractal cluster particles of Titan's atmospheric aerosol
Mikhail Chereshenkov and Yaroslaw Ilyushin

Parallel computing of a cavitation bubbles formation in a two-stage reciprocating pump-compressor
Andrey Zanin

Parallel methods in modeling the mass transfer of two-phase fluid in fractured-porous reservoir
Leniza Enikeeva, Ravil Uzyanbaev, Ainur Mazitov, Yulia Bobrenyova and Irek Gubaydullin

Parallelization of the problem of propagation of seismic waves in fractured geological media
Vitaly Sagan and Nikolay Khokhlov

Research of explicit numerical methods calculations on CPU with x86 and arm architecture
Egor Elchinov, Vladislav Furgailo and Nikolay Khokhlov

Simulation of hydrogen combustion dynamics using a fully connected neural network UNET
Iakov Karandashev, Elena Mikhalchenko, Magomed Malsagov and Valeriy Nikitin

Thermal radio emission from broken cloud fields in the microwave range: numerical simulation of statistical properties
Iaroslav Koptsov and Yaroslav Ilyushin

О ранговом распределении суперкомпьютеров в списке top500
Svetlana Shikota