Confirmed Workshops

Dear colleagues! Conference organizing committee welcomes you to hold a workshop (hand-on lab, master class, etc.)!

Workshop topic may be any topic around high performance computing. It may cover or extend conference topics. Workshop form is defined by its chair, it can be a sort of mini conference with submission contest, invitied talks, technology demonstration, training, etc. Please take a look at examples of previous years events: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

It is allowed to hold external events branded as "Russian Supercomputing Days Workshop" on sites differ than main conference venue.

Workshop has its own page on the conference web site. Workshop news are included in the conference news letter sent by e-mail. Internal workshop may took 100 or 120 minutes in the second half of a conference day.  Conference organizing commitee provides room and equipment (notebook, wall screen, projector) with a basic suppport for internal events.

Workshop organizers may use the conference EasyChair installation for papers submitting and reviewing. Workshop papers which are reviewed by independent experts may be included in the general conference proceedings.

Workshop proposals (detailed description in a free form) are accepted to up to June 1, 2021. All applications will be reviewed by the conference organazing committee.