Cutting Edge Education for the Digital Future: Convergence of HPC, Big Data, ML and IoT


Automation of teaching practice processes on the example of a course on parallel programming
Alexander Nesterov

Юрий Болдырев, Владимир Глухов and Ольга Картавенко

Experience of the master's program implementation at the industrial chair
Ilya Levin, Inna Kuznetsova and Boris Mehancev

Study of the Algorithms Information Structure as the Basis of a Training Workshop
Alexander Antonov and Nikita Volkov

Магистерская программа "Машинное обучение и анализ больших данных" по направлению подготовки "Фундаментальная информатика и информационные технологии"
Леонид Соколинский

The Goal

The impressive progress of supercomputer technologies actively contribute to the emergence of many prospective directions for the development of modern science, technology, business and industry. The seminar is oriented on the discussion of the best practices and problems of training highly qualified personnel who can successfully use the high potential of convergence of Superсomputer Technologies, Mathematical Modeling, Big Data, Machine Learning and Cognitive Technologies, Internet of Things in the era of active digital transformation of our life.

Topics of Interest

  • Educational programs for training, retraining and advanced training;
  • Training courses and laboratory works;
  • Master's  degree  programs;
  • Successful experience in training and research projects;
  • The potential of e-learning and examples of on-line educational resources;
  • Forms and methods of cooperation of scientists, teachers and specialists in the development of new educational materials;
  • Best practices of interaction with the IT industry;
  • Topics of the workshop and school education

and other related topics.

Within the framework of the seminar, the training programs for the presentation of educational programs, training courses, and laboratory training in the field of supercomputer education may be organized.

Language: Russian, English (without simultaneous translation).

Rules of Paper Submission 

The same as the general submission rules for the conference. Arrangement of the trainings should be coordinated with the organizing committee of the seminar.

Important Dates

  • May 15, 2021 - paper submission
  • May 30 - author notification
  • June 15 - camera ready submission

 Program Committee

  • Gergel V.P., UNN (co-chair)
  • Sokolinskiy L.B., SUSU (co-chair)
  • Boldyrev Yu.Ya., StPPU (co-chair)
  • Antonov A.S., MSU
  • Bukhanovskiy A.V., ITMO
  • Voevodin Vl.V., MSU
  • Gazizov R.K., UGATU
  • Mashechkin I.V., MSU
  • Meyerov I.B., UNN
  • Modorskiy V.YA., PSTU
  • Popova N.N., MSU
  • Yufryakova O.A., NArFU
  • Barkalov K.A., UNN (Academic secretary)


All questions about participating in the workshop should be directed to Konstantin Barkalov,